Father of the Modern Sex Doll: German Surrealist Hans Bellmer!

1. The emergence of sex dolls

Bellmer devoted his life to rebelling against art, patriarchy and hegemony, especially against the Nazi ideology that emerged in Germany in the 1930s.


When his wife became weaker and weaker due to tuberculosis, Bellmer was attracted by his niece Ursula who took good care of her, but he knew that he could not have any relationship with her niece, but he was inspired by Oscar Kokosch Card (inventor of the first sex doll), this dream came true. He started making his own sex dolls, and with his mother's support, he and his brothers Fritz and Lopizer made his first real dolls in 1933.


The body of this love doll is made of a broom handle and part of metal strips, and the outside is a wooden shell. Unlike in the past, this doll is hollow, not stuffed with batting or rags. To further express his artistic philosophy, Bellmer took the dolls apart, rearranged them, and posed them in a series of sexy poses to express his fantasies, taking many photos of the dolls.

2. The development history of sex dolls

Ursula brought the pictures to Paris in 1934 and showed them to the pioneers of Surrealism at the time. We don't know if she knew Bellmer made the doll out of a crush on her, and we don't know what else happened after the family. What we do know is that by the time Ursula returned from Paris in 1935, Bellmer had completed a second version of the sex doll.


The second version of the sex doll is an improvement on the first doll, with movable joints and a twisting waist. "The body is much sexier," says Bellmer, who in the Surrealists claim that Bellmer's doll figure was used as a metaphor for an attack on the rigid dictatorship of the Nazi state.


But what most people see is weird.


"Bellmer broke down the sex doll stereotype at the time, rearranging his role in a way of fetishism and lust, alleviating his fear of dissociative feelings and expressing his creativity."


In 1937, he created a third sex dolls, but this time it was even weirder and more terrifying. It looks a bit intimidating and most people wouldn't want to own it.


Real dolls are reduced to a tool to express various ideas in the hands of surrealists. In fact, every owner can use dolls to express their own ideas, which is reflected in the different outfits they give to dolls. The development of dolls depends on different people. There are different developments in the hands, and it is not a deviation. Of course, more people are attracted by its original practical value.


When we transform cute real dolls, it is inevitable to incorporate our own emotional thoughts, but it should be noted that this is all based on our love for them. If the distortion is to achieve some special political purpose, Defacement, even destruction, should not be done, and should be resisted and severely criticized.

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