Some Basic Knowledge of Using Sex Dolls for the First Time

1. Demand for sex dolls

People may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, to satisfy psychological satisfaction, thus creating a demand for sex dolls. Sex dolls are also called love dolls, including physical dolls and inflatable dolls. This is a highly realistic figure toy. Its function is to provide sexual services. With the advancement of technology and the development of materials, there are now silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls.

2. The enrichment and development of sex dolls

Sex dolls mainly come from European countries and were introduced to Asia by Japan. They are also evolving. According to European historical records, the French philosopher Descartes took leather toys and metal dolls with him when he sailed with Sweden in the mid-17th century.

With the advent of the technological revolution, pornographic films began to appear and develop, and people's sexual concepts became more and more open. Sex dolls were born from this, and pornographic movies in Japan are also very developed, and have become the three pillar industries in Japan. One can imagine how fast sex dolls have grown in Japan, while other countries have seen the value of sex dolls. More and more multinational merchants have introduced and innovated to produce more high-quality sex dolls.

3. Classification and identification of sex dolls

Everyone has their hobbies, they also like and choose the type of sex dolls. As far as love dolls in countries and regions are concerned, they are divided into European countries, American countries, Latin American countries and European countries. Every region and country has a different racial complexion.

For example, most European and American countries are tall, with perm hair, fair skin, blond hair, blue pupils, high nose bridge, deep eye sockets and thick eyelashes. Latin Americans are mostly mixed, with wheaten and black skin, fine features, black and blond hair, slender and well-proportioned, while Asians are petite, with soft and well-balanced facial features, mostly black hair, and very young.

As far as the temperament of sex dolls is concerned: they are divided into charming type, loli type, royal sister type, light mature type, sexy and coquettish type, etc.

In terms of body type sex dolls: some people like plump, slim, petite, fat, pregnant, immature, mature and other types of love dolls.

As far as wearing sexy sex dolls: beautiful women in stockings, beautiful women in sexy lingerie and swimsuits, beautiful women in nude uniforms, bikinis, low-cut suspenders, sexy high-heeled skirts, hot pants, women in beautiful clothes, Beautiful women in pajamas etc.

By age: young girls, loli, mature women, women, pregnant women.


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