Customized sex doll

lluvzdoll provides a large number of dolls, but if you want to customize a doll of your own, we can also provide you with customized sex doll services. You have a variety of customization options, such as height, body shape, doll head shape, wig, eyes, breast shape, nail color, etc. Most options are free, and some options will charge a little, such as external penis, hair transplant, heating function, etc.

How does a custom service work? This is very simple, we will show you the whole process, and then you can make a perfect sex doll.

1.Just like buying dolls, use lluvzdoll's customized sex toy generator to create your advanced love dolls. We have a large number of head shapes to choose from. You can also send us pictures for designers to make models.

2.Please allow 2-3 months for customized production. We will show you the order process at each stage.

3.Please allow the sample picture to be slightly different from the real person due to hair style, different skin, material restrictions and other reasons. Unless you get the permission of the person who wants to customize, we will not make 100% changes to the pictures.

4.Once the project starts, the order cannot be cancelled because our manual design will take a lot of time.

5.We will send you the photos of the final products and prepare for shipment.

6.After final approval, your doll will arrive at your home safely and cautiously.

Please note that the following conditions cannot be customized:

1.Sexual dolls in the shape of teenagers and children;

2.Celebrity sex dolls (unless you get permission);

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